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    Our Approach

    Our functional medicine approach is unique because it’s personalized and comprehensive. Our goal is much more than just resolving your chronic health complaints. We want to help you feel strong and resilient; to be a version of yourself you are proud of. We achieve this through a blend of traditional and functional medicine modalities to safely create optimal health and wellbeing.

    After our in-depth intake, exploring both past and present symptoms and reviewing lab tests, we’ll craft a personalized treatment protocol to move past chronic health issues and set you up for long-term health.

    Discover Root Causes

    At Rising Tide Wellness, we ask the question “Why?”. We focus on getting to the root cause of your symptoms by addressing imbalances that are responsible for virtually all symptoms you’re experiencing right now.

    We focus on what people struggle with most as they age. We look at all the triggers of chronic illnesses – including gut and hormonal imbalances, toxicity in your environment, systemic inflammation, impaired liver detoxification, and nutrient insufficiencies. We look for the reasons WHY reasons you feel so fatigued, can’t release stubborn weight, and face symptoms such as moodiness and brain fog.

    Why We Are Different

    Functional Medicine is the medicine of the future. We use it to restore your body’s innate healing potential, and not just treating symptoms. It uses a combination of science-driven testing with healthier lifestyle practices, to treat the whole person and not just parts of your body.

    A “one size fits all” approach never works. This is why people often don’t get the answers they are looking for from their primary care doctors. At Naples Vitality, we don’t rely on basic solutions or guesswork, we pinpoint the real reason why you don’t feel well – even if you’ve been told that “everything’s fine”.

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